11 Best Robert Downey Jr Movies During His Career

Ruangtunggu.online – What do you think when you hear the name Robert Downey Jr Most people will definitely think of Iron Man.

Robert Downey Jr made his acting debut at the age of five in his father’s movie Pound, which was released in 1970. He has been working consistently ever since. He gained public attention for a series of films he played in the ’80s, then won an award for his role in the 1992 movie Chaplin.

This movie has to be recognized as one of the golden steps Robert took in his career. But who would have thought that Robert’s career began long before the movie was released to the market.

Robert Downey Jr Best Movie During His Career
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Robert Downey Jr is known for making his acting debut in the entertainment world as a teenager. His childhood was an important moment in his old age.

In the 90s, he became known for his drug and alcohol problems. His fate and life changed when he got the role of Iron Man from Marvel. The movie earned $ 100 million in its first week of release and changed the life of a Robert Downey Jr.

These are the best movie Robert Downey Jr of his career:


In 1992 Robert had the opportunity to play the character of Charlie Chaplin in the movie Chaplin.

The movie belongs to the biographical genre of British comedian Charlie Chaplin. The story in this movie tells the story of Chaplin’s struggle in the entertainment industry.

The plot is repeated so that viewers are invited to occasionally see Chaplin’s youth and old age.

Robert’s role in portraying Chaplin’s character has received a lot of praise. Viewers who enjoy this movie will know the character of Chaplin more deeply.

Although the 2.5 hour time frame is guaranteed not to be bored as it is slippery and fun.

Iron Man

Iron Man is still an interesting discussion to discuss with close friends.

The movie was first launched or the first series in 2008. In the first series it tells the story of the struggle of Tony Stark (played by Robert) while hostage to Afghan militants.

Tony himself is a leading and wealthy weapons businessman. One time he was held hostage by Afghan militants and locked in a cave with many long tunnels.

During his hostage Tony had a secret mission to make a bulletproof shield.

The first series of Iron Man was very effective as it featured a more humane Iron Man figure.

It was also the first movie from Marvels Comics to be followed by another Marvel Cinematic Universe movie.

It should be acknowledged that the movie with a rating of 7.9 is Robert’s biggest contribution to the movie world.

Sherlock Holmes

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Everybody seems familiar with the words Sherlock Holmes, how about you? This figure was first known as a book and was written by a well-known author from England.

Sherlock himself is a detective who is good at solving many cases wisely.

No wonder this character is as famous as its author.

Who would have thought Sherlock Holmes was filmed in 2009 and also starring Robert Downey Jr. In the best movie Robert plays Sherlock Holmes and collaborates with other credible detectives.

Played by Jude Law, who then produced a smooth and unforgettable acting duo.

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Both detectives are working to uncover a serial murder case committed by Blackwood.

The beginning of the Blackwood story is captured and executed. But it looks like he has risen from the dead and is continuing his crime.

This is where a second detective struggles to bring Blackwood back to the pole.

Will they both succeed in carrying out this mission to the end? The answer is definitely a must watch movie 2009.

Guaranteed not to be disappointed as the rating itself is quite high at 7.6.

Due Date

Due Date is a movie comedy that launched in 2010, and it has a good 6.6 rating on IMDB.

In this movie Robert plays the character of Peter Highman who is a father figure.

The movies tells of Peter’s struggle to fly to LA to celebrate the birth of his first child.

Who would have thought the trip would not have gone as Peter had hoped. The adventure begins when Peter meets a man and gets into his car.

The rest of the movie will be seasoned with hilarious action scenes and unexpected situations that Peter has with the man. The sense of humor that really makes this movie worth watching is entertaining.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

In 2005 Ribert also starred in the best movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The movie is a detective genre that features interesting storylines and exposes Hollywood’s dark side. In the movie Robert plays Harry Lookhart who starred in the role of Val Killmer as Guy Perry.

Harry is a young actor with good fortune to enter Hollywood.

But who thinks this fate is not always worth it. In his career, Harry ends up involved in a woman’s death investigation.

Meet Harry and Guy Perry and work together to resolve the case.

The movie gives a lot of touch to dark humor and the other side of Hollywood glitter. It’s embarrassing to have to go through, let alone a rating of 7.6 which is definitely the best watch.

Tropic Thunder

This very unique movie has a good rating of 7.0 and also stars Robert Downey Jr. The movie has a comedy genre that looks interesting because it tells how the actors acted.

Throughout the movie it will be told how veteran actors play a good role in war movies.

There aren’t just many funny acts to be enjoyed in this movie. But there’s also a lot of information about the filmmaking process.

So anyone who has watched it will know the details of the process of making a war movie.

Watching this movie is not only an entertainment medium but it also expands your horizons. Are you interested in watching it too?

A Scanner Darkly

This unique and moral message is also the best movie, starring Robert.

The movies was released in 2006 and starred in the handsome actor Keanue Reeves. The movies tells of the struggle of a police officer in a disguised mission to dismantle a drug trafficking syndicate.

Police are also willing to do many things, including taking drugs that negatively affect their health.

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Interestingly, the movie as a whole has an animated look. Because it is reworked by animators that make it even more unique. The plot is also not easy to guess and is full of drug scenes.

Good position, 7.1. The movie also provides a good moral message.

It is about advising or appealing to anyone that they are not close to and in contact with narcotics.

Because the effects are bad, not just for one’s health. But there is also the risk of attracting more people into this dirty business.

The Judge

This time, Robert Downey Jr turns into a trusted and intelligent lawyer named Hank Palmer. “The Judge” is arguably a series movie that emotionally and emotionally drained audiences in 2014.

Thanks to this movie Robert Downey Jr took home the award for being the most popular actor in the People’s Choice Awards in 2015.


Robert Downey Jr bestselling movie Fincher’s claim is a thriller and suspense movie lasting more than 2 hours. The movie script itself is adapted from the true story of the serial murder which until now remains a mystery and it is unknown who he really is.

For Robert Downey Jr himself he plays a character named Paul Avery who is a bit arrogant as we see today in most of his films.

The Soloist

“The Soloist” is the true story of the friendship of Los Angeles Times journalist Steve Lopez, with a black street musician, Nathaniel Ayers, suffering from schizophrenia.

This is a movie directed by Robert Downey Jr. that touches the heart. At one point, the audience seemed to be told what to do with the people involved in the friendship.

Robert Downey Jr got a big applause for his performance in The Soloist.

The Avengers: Endgame

The Avengers series continues to amaze people, Toppers! Especially if not Thanos, the villain in this movie and his magic stone.

Robert Downey Jr still holds his role as Iron man. In this chapter, Iron Man and Captain America are considered to be very important roles.

The movie tells of the Avengers and their allies who must unite and willingly sacrifice it all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before he causes more destruction in the universe.

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