Marvel Launches Iron Man 2020, Tony Stark Still Alive? – Apparently, Marvel Comics has big plans for the character Iron Man after Tony Stark death in the movie Avengers: Endgame some time ago. Marvel Comics reports from Comic Book and has released a teaser in the form of illustrations created by artist Inhyuk Lee. In his illustration, Iron Man 2020 or Arno Stark lies in the grave of his adopted brother, Tony Stark.

Marvel Launches Iron Man 2020
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Tony Stark death, also known as Iron Man on Avengers : Endgame, leaves grief to his loved ones. However, abandoned forever, it also left a big hole in the ranks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Cinematic Universe) heroes. They also felt they had to get a new Iron Man to fill the tunnel.

Tom DeFalco and Herb Trimpe created the character Arno Stark, who first appeared in the Machine Man 2020 # 2 series in 1984. In the real story, Arno was Tony Stark’s cousin.

MCU Need New Iron Man 2020

In the future, Arno inherited Stark Industries and Iron Man’s armor. Rather than using armor for the good of the world like Tony, Arno uses Iron Man as a spy agent and a mercenary.

Only, according to Screen Rant, MCU doesn’t need a new Iron Man. They need a new Tony Stark instead. The character played by Robert Downey Jr. this is a consistent figure in the cinematic universe of the past 11 years.

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Although his personal trilogy ended in 2013, Tony remained a key figure in almost every major event at the MCU. However, Tony dies after taking down Thanos (Josh Brolin) in Endgame.

During the Marvel NOW! Era Kieron Gillen and Dale Eaglesham created another version of Arno Stark that exists today on the Earth-616 timeline. After learning of Arno’s presence, Tony Stark realized he had been adopted and Arno was the biological son of Howard and Maria Stark.

However, Arno’s birth meant genetic destruction by aliens and his destiny to become a Godkiller armor pilot. Despite being sick, Arno rode in his own armor to fight his foster brothers to defend Troy, a utopian city built by Tony. When Tony Troy left, he put Arno in town.

Iron Man 2020 Returns

Arno returns to the front lines in the Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) series: Iron Man # 5. In the strip, the problem focuses almost entirely on Arno instead of the titular hero. Since then, Arno has joined Baintronics, Tony’s rival company. On the other hand, Arno is also pursuing his own secret agenda.

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Uniquely, the summary for this series is written in such a way that Marvel comic fans were really waiting for the launch of this new series.

“What if Tony Stark wasn’t there? What if there was only Iron Man 2020? By the end of 2019, the boundaries between humans and machines would blur and break, and the Marvel Universe would be a completely different place in 2020. The new Iron Age will come and you I do NOT want to miss this important problem, ”wrote the synopsis, quoted by ComicBook.

Tony Stark: Iron Man 2020 reaches the end of the ‘Ultron Agenda’ storyline in the Tony Stark: Iron Man 2020 # 19 series. The series, written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage with artist Francesco Manna, will be released in January 2020.

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Additionally, at the Halloween Comicfest entitled Road to Iron Man 2020, held in late October, Marvel Comics is likely to reprint earlier material from Tony Stark: Iron Man.

When we see the heroes that will be introduced at the MCU, it seems that there is no character who can take over the Iron Man as a technician and MCU financier. Marvel Studios seems to have to find a new billionaire genius before a major threat appears.

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