Doctor Dolittle Comedy Adventure Movie Robert Downey Jr – A comedy adventure movie titled Doctor Dolittle has just been released in Indonesia on Wednesday (15/1/2020). The movie tells a veterinarian who has the ability to understand animal language and communicate with animals. The 1-hour 41-minute movie is the work of director Stephen Gaghan.

The idea for the story is taken from a book called The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting. Not only that, this movie is also a reboot of Dr. Dolittle (1998).

Doctor Dolittle Comedy Adventure Movie Robert Downey Jr
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Robert Downey Jr. starring other actors such as Antonia Banderas and Michael Seen. There are other cast and voicemail characters who communicate with Dolittle doctors such as Emma Thompson playing macaw, Tom Holland as a dog, Rami Malek as a gorilla, John Cena as a polar bear, Octavia Spencer as a duck, Kumail Nanjiani who plays ostrich, Selena Gomez in giraffe and finally Marion Cotillard playing the fox voice. This movie with a 19th-century English background is suitable for all ages.

The humor presented can be a source of laughter for children, teens, and parents. Animal groups, both friends and foes, are a powerful source of entertainment and characters to develop story ideas in this movie. They helped Doctor Dolittle maintain his reputation as a trusted doctor.

Sinopsis Movie Doctor Dolittle

Veterinarian John Dolittle lives alone after losing his wife who died seven years ago. Dolittle closed a clinic that was originally open to humans and animals. He chose to be alone like a cave man and live with his eccentric pets behind the high walls of Dolittle Manor. One day, young Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley) is in severe pain.

The uninitiated Dolittle had to find a cure for the empress and set sail for an island full of myths. In his adventure, he also regains his intelligence and courage Not only that, he has to deal with a vicious robber (Antonio Banderas) along with his pet. A mortal enemy of the past, a doctor from the Blair Mudfly (Michael Seen) government has also been a hindrance in his search for medicine. In his search, he is accompanied by an intern of his own, played by Harry Collet.

Also, his eccentric group of animals includes a panicked gorilla (Rami Malek), duck (Octavia spencer), cynical ostrich duo (Kumail Nanjiani), optimistic polar bird (John Cena), and stubborn parrot (John Cena (Emma Thompson).

Movie Doctor Dolittle Review

After ending his role as Iron Man super hero Robert Downey Jr. is now marking the latest action through the movie, Dolittle. His work is not much different from the work of a super hero. In this fantasy adventure movie genre, Downey becomes a famous veterinarian named Dr. John Dolittle.

This doctor is known for his eccentricity and eccentric style. Throughout his life, he has helped many people deal with animal behavior in unique ways. In the end, the Queen of England herself impressed and gave her an award in the form of a residence behind the high walls of Dolittle Manor with a large garden.

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There, Doctor Dolittle lived with pets, building a large, well-known clinic. In her life, Dolittle, who is also good at communicating with animals, met a great explorer named Lily.

The two of them lived together, traveled all over the world, and Dolittle loved Lily. One day, Lily goes out exploring alone without Dolittle’s friends who are asked to look after their pets. With a heavy heart, Doctor Dolittle also granted his wife’s request.

On the way, Lily dies after facing a major storm and the ship sank. Dolittle is very sad and closed to the outside world. He refuses to interact with humans.

Seven years later, the shabby Dolittle neglects Dolittle after Lily’s departure is forced out of his comfort zone. His life was interrupted by a boy who accidentally shot a squirrel and asked for his help.

At the same time, the Queen of England’s daughter also came to seek the help of the Queen who was very ill. Dolittle must save the life of the Queen or her confiscated home.

This situation also leads back to the real Dolittle. He regained his intelligence and courage. From here, the adventure of Dolittle and his pet begins again. He sails to the mythical island in search of a cure for the empress.

In the search, the doctor is accompanied by his own intern (Harry Collett) and a group of animal friends. On the way, he also has to face old enemies, as well as meet incredible creatures.

New version of Movie Doctor Dolittle

This new version of Doctor Dolittle offers a different adventure from his earlier movies, popularly played by Eddie Murphy.

Downey’s only attraction as an eccentric veterinarian is lacking. He doesn’t have the uniqueness of a Doctor Dolittle until he isn’t as pretty as Murphy when he plays. The fun of being a doctor who can talk to animals is also less explored.

Of course, this is enough to undermine Downey’s attractiveness, previously known for playing ridiculous and arrogant characters. After all, since the movies was directed by Oscar-winning director Stephen Gaghan.

The character who stole the spotlight in this movie is Dolittle’s pet. They have their own uniqueness.

There is a fearful gorilla, a strong duck, a coyote who is cynical, an optimistic and always polar bear, and a stubborn parrot who also acts as Dolittle’s most trusted advisor.

In the end, these characters also have many important messages such as fear but don’t let fear entice you.

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Then, there are also messages about friendship that complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, about learning to let go of their own ego, to perseverance that will produce rewarding results.

This message has become a great movie for families to enjoy.

When it comes to cinematography, Doctor Dolittle movie deserves more recognition. The pictures damage the eyes, especially for the residence and park behind Dolittle Manor. Overall, Dolittle’s movie is a lightweight enough to enjoy with the family on the weekends.

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